Triathlon - Hawaii - Freizeitaktivitäten / Ausflüge

Excursions and other activities


To make your trip to your Ironman World Championships exceptional and unforgettable we offer you several tours to get to know Hawaii from an insider’s view. We offer you not only several training opportunities but also different tours which you are welcome to join to experience the beauty of Hawaii.
Here we will only give you a brief overview of our highlights:

Schedule our trips and training offers

Tuesday 30th of September: 70 km biketraining
Friday 3th of October: 70 km biketraining and subsequent run into the Energy Lab
Sunday 5th of October:
90 km biketraining: race course Hawi -Kona , including shuttle
Monday 6th of October  Island tour including Vulcano National Park*: You will see flowing lava and many more highlights of Big Island in one day - you will be surprised and enchanted.

Monday 13th of October: Sunset on the Mauna Kea*
The highest mountain (4206m) of Hawaii. We drive with big 4x4 cars (organized) on the Saddle Road with an stopover at a ranger station to the summit. A unique Experience!
Tuesday 14th of October Trekking in Waipio Valley*
Experience something very special! Our route takes us past beautiful waterfalls and typical small Hawaiian villages. We wade through some rivers and hike through the rain forest.

*Please note that there is an extra charge for the excursions.


Sunset on the Mauna Kea the highest summit on Hawaii (4.206m). We drive with special fourwheelcar over the saddleroad, make a short stop at the rangersstationat 2000m to acclimatisate. After that we continue on very narrow and steep roads (pathes) up to the summit. There we make a short walk to the highest place (where the summitcross is) and take a picture of the group. Don´t forget warm clothes because it extrem cold and windy overthere. Here you feel the height because is quite hard to breathe ... your hearth should be healthy for this trip! After that we eat our sandwhich and look the spectaculär sunset from the parking place the observatoreis. After that we drive back in the darkness to the tropical hot kona where we go to the best THAI restaurant of the island to have a dinner together (optional). An unforgetable experience! 

Trip around Big Island: we show you in a daytrip the best places on Big Island …

Trecking in Waipio Valley: We drive with our vans nearly until the Waipio Lookout, where we allready have the first challenge: walk down the 25% descent down to the ocean. After spraying some moscitospray we have a walk through the jungle: we climb over rocks and walk in the jungle rivers ... partly up to the neck in the water. Our destination is a small waterfall in the jungle, where we make a rest and a little swim.